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2GIG GC2 - Radio Not Responding

2GIG GC2 – Radio Not Responding

Tools Needed: Small Phillips-head screwdriver

1. Ensure system is disarmed

2. Unplug transformer

3. Loosen set screw on top of panel

4. Remove panel from wall by pulling on top 2 corners

5. Hang panel from wall mount with white strap

6. Disconnect panel battery

7. Let sit for 20-30 seconds

8. Plug panel battery back in

9. Remount panel to wall mount

10. Plug transformer back in

11. Wait 2-5 minutes

12. On the panel's Home screen, tap Security

13. Press Menu, then Toolbox

14. Enter the 4-digit master code

15. Press the right arrow twice

16.Press Cell Phone Test

17. Once panel shows “Successful”, press OK

18. Press Home button

19. Tighten set screw