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How to Bypass a Sensor

SIMON XT – How to Bypass a Sensor

Force Bypassing
This method will be used most often and is performed while arming the system.

During the Exit Delay, the panel will announce the open sensor. Press the Bypass button, and the panel will announce that the sensor has been bypassed (e.g. Back Door Bypassed). The panel will then arm everything else. You will be able to open and close the door or window as many times as you want without setting off the alarm.

To cancel a bypass, simply disarm the panel.

Manual Bypassing

This method can be used when you want to open a sensor while the system is armed without setting off the alarm, or when disarming the remaining sensors.

Step 1: While armed, press Bypass.

Step 2: Enter the 4-digit master code.

Step 3: Scroll up and down until the display shows the sensor you want to bypass, then press OK.

Step 4: The display will show the sensor with the word “Bypassed” below it.

Step 5: The panel will return to the Home screen in 5 seconds.