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Reconnecting your Wi-Fi Slim Line doorbell camera to your network

Reconnecting Your Wi-Fi Slim Line Doorbell Camera

Upgrading your router or changing its Wi-Fi credentials can disrupt your ability to view your Slim Line Wi-fi doorbell camera feeds on the website or mobile app. Follow these steps to reconnect your doorbell camera to the network.

Watch the following video or follow the steps below

1. If your Wi-Fi network credentials have changed, you need to delete the installed Slim Line in order to reconnect via the Installation Wizard.

2. From the Doorbell Camera screen, tap the setting gear.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Delete This Device.

4. After the Slim Line doorbell camera has been deleted, now we can add it back to the security system.

5. Now we are ready to start the Installation Wizard.

6. Slim Line Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera – Installation – Adding to Your Account

7. To access the Installation Wizard, tap the Menu button followed by Doorbell Camera.

8. Tap +Add Doorbell Camera (If +Add Doorbell Camera is not listed, contact the customer service department)

9. Select the Slim Line Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera (ADC-VDB105x)

10. Verify the Slim Line is properly installed, Make sure your doorbell is connected to a doorbell wire, flush to the wall, and secured in place. Tap Next

11. Ensure your Slim Line is in AP Mode (Check that the Doorbell Camera’s list is alternating between green and red. If flashing orange, press and hold the main button until the light begins alternating green and red.

12. You may need to reset your Slim Line to proceed. Press and hold the doorbell button for around 80 seconds.

13. Release after the button flashes yellow.

14. The button should flash green and red for AP mode.

15. Name your Slim Line and tap Next

16. Connect to the Slim Line’s temporary Wi-Fi network

17. Tap Next

18. If you receive this pop-up message on iOS, locate the app within your device settings.

19. Enable network permission

20. Back in the app, choose your Wi-Fi network from the list

21. Enter your password and Tap next

22. Wait for the Slim Line to complete installation. This may take a few minutes. When finished, tap Next

23. Tap the bell to verify live view and test two-way audio

24. Enable Doorbell Call Notifications

25. Enable Recording Rules for Doorbell Call events and Motion

26. Slim Line Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera added!