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Flex IO

Stay aware, no matter where

Flex IO’s cellular connection lets you monitor property anywhere there’s a cell signal, no matter far from your home or business.

Flex IO sets up in seconds – You can install Flex IO on almost anything: doors, gates, fences, tools, and even freestanding vehicles through its wired magna-loop option. Just attach Flex IO for fast, uninterrupted monitoring through heatwaves, rain and snow.
  • Know instantly if someone enters your property or moves equipment.
  • Get a reminder if a door or gate isn’t closed by a required time.
  • Check in anytime to view Flex IO’s status in your Alarm.com app.

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Live Safe – Protect your home and family with security that never stops.

Live Well – Indoors and outdoors, protect what’s yours

Security without boundaries

It’s a big world out there. Protect what’s yours with Flex IO, the security sensor that goes where others can’t. Wireless, weatherproof and cellular-enabled, Flex IO works with virtually no range limitations. You can use Flex IO on its own, or add it to your customized, professionally installed security system.

  • Sheds & Storage
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Gates & Fences
  • Golf Cars & ATVs
  • Chicken Coups & Animal Shelters
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