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Home security gives you peace of mind and safety, as expected. But is your home security smart enough to know when you forget to lock the door or arm your home?

SFI’s smart home will enable features in your home to proactively take smart actions based on your location. Here are some ways Geo-Services can make your life easier.


1)Forgot to lock the door? We’ve got you covered. Have you ever ran out of the house and forgot to do the most important safety task? Geo-fencing will send an alert directly to your phone notifying you that you did not lock the door. How does it know this? Once you set up your “fences”, the smart technology will notice when you travel a certain distance from your home without doing the usual leaving activities such as locking the door, turning off the lights, and closing the garages.

2) Save energy when you’re not home: Most people attempt to save energy by setting the thermostat back before you leave the house. Sometimes you forget. You might even be going on a trip and will be gone for several days! With geo-services, your thermostat will automatically setback for automatic savings once you reach a certain mileage away from your home.

3) Create multiple geo-fences: One geo-fence won’t be able to fit each task’s distance and time frame perfectly. It is easy to create multiple fences, that way you can set up precise settings for leaving to work, coming home, or going on a trip. For each fence, you can set up a specific mile radius to change your thermostat, turn off/on your lights, open/close the garage, and even lock/unlock your front door.


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