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The Ultimate Smart Home

From energy efficiency and security cameras to media rooms and access control, home automation systems continue to soar in popularity. Home automation helps you save time and stops the need of you getting up numerous times to control these home and business devices. Home automation provides the convenience and maximum performance that your SMART HOME deserves.

Experience Brilliant Possibilities


Ambiance, convenience and elegance is what Smart Lighting adds to your home. Raise or dim any light in your home with a single touch. You can also schedule times to automate your lights for them to turn on an off when you need them to.

If your alarm system is triggered, flash the lights on your front porch to frighten intruders away. If your smoke detectors go off, light a pathway to the nearest exit. You’ve already got systems in place to keep your home secure, now you can enhance your security system with the simple addition of a few lighting devices.


Wireless Lighting provides sophisticated style, it is guaranteed to complement the beauty of your home. With the customized buttons you can create, it allows you to control more than just lighting. You can customize a touch of a button to change the whole mood and scene of your home. You can turn on and off the whole house or a single room.

What is better than convenience?

Energy Efficiency, SFI Homes can install a motion sensor to provide hands-free illumination and automatically turn off lights when no one is in the room.


When you are starting to build your new home, centralized lighting allows you to choose elegant keypads with your customized buttons to have that one touch lighting scene whenever you are ready. These customized buttons enable you to control your lighting, entertainment, security, climate and much more.


Enjoy the Ultimate Audio/Video Experience

Clean and clutter free entertainment right at your fingertips. You have the ability to fill one room or every room with the latest 4K movies or stream your personal high-resolution music.


Access your movies, stream music, stream videos or enjoy your music library. Simplify your entertainment experience and control it all with just one remote. You can integrate your Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Netflix, Hulu and more with Control4.


With Control4 you deliver superior sound, stunning videos and incredible entertainment in every room. SFI Homes can consolidate all of your audio and video equipment into a closet, creating a clutter free installation.


All the music on earth, in every room of your home, wireless.

Sonos is the smart speaker system that uses your WiFi to stream the music you love throughout your home. One easy-to-use app gives you complete control of your entire home listening experience – access all your music, pick any room or every room, and immerse yourself in pure, richly detailed sound.

Coordinate. Automate. Control.

Alarm.com systems can integrate the devices across your home to better respond to your daily routines. Who knew that home energy management could be so easy and convenient?

These systems have the capability to help find the solution for your Energy Management needs. It allows you to connect all your devices into a responsive system that starts saving automatically. Control your thermostat, lights and sensors in a single app.


We strive to be your comprehensive AV and automation solutions go to—delivering much more than inputs and outputs, product specs and features. Security Force, Inc. and Control4 entertainment solutions create the ultimate audio/video experience—in one room or every room. You will be able to experience the latest 4K movies, stream high-resolution music, enjoy limitless entertainment with a single remote or create an unrivaled home theater experience.