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Winter usually last around three to five months which means warm blankets, fireplaces, heavy clothing, and a few home preparations.

If you follow these few tips this season, you and your home will be safe and sound.

Maintain the appearance of your home

A big safety precaution is keeping up the appearance of your home. It’s important to make it seem as if someone is home, even if you’re not! This will deter burglars. Making sure the driveway is clear of snow, ice, or leaves can help the appearance of an empty home.

Heating your home with a smart thermostatthermostat alert

One of the main ways people stay cozy during the winter is heating your home. A smart thermostat saves you between 9 and 15 percent of the energy you’ll use to heat your home this winter. Set and read room-by-room temperatures with small precise wireless temperature sensors.

Don’t forget: If you use separate space heaters, keep them away from blankets, clothing, or any other flammable object. Also, be careful with your fireplace! Paper, coal, or any other “fire starter” could put your roof at risk. You should never leave these alternate heating methods unattended.

Don’t let your pipes freezewater sensor

Winter brings freezing temperatures which runs the risk of your pipes freezing up. The easiest and best way to avoid freezing pipes is to let them drip lightly throughout the night because that’s when the temperatures are the coldest. Our smart thermostat can prevent accidents like these by sending a temperature threshold alert, generated by the thermostat and temperature sensors, allowing you to enact an emergency heat source and prevent a large cleanup bill.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Did you know December and January have the peak number of carbon monoxide poisonings? Don’t forget to replace the battery in your home’s detector each season.

Do not run a car or truck inside the garage when trying to warm your vehicle, doing so could cause an extreme carbon monoxide increase in your home.

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