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Unfortunately, situations happen that can turn family happiness into tragedy and property loss. Such examples include: fire and smoke, burglary and robbery, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies and home system breakdowns (including water pipes or furnaces, which could lead to more serious damage).

Security systems are effective at saving lives and property, but we firmly believe that home safety begins with a family commitment to educating your loved ones on what to do in the event of various home emergencies. From planning fire escape routes for your home to educating your family on how to best protect themselves in the event of intrusion or fire, Security Force, Inc., would like to partner with you to make your home a safe haven for you and your family.

Located in Raleigh, Security Force, Inc., offers the latest Security technology to provide you with whole-home security, home safety solutions and most importantly your peace of mind.


As part of your Security Force, Inc., security system, you can be assured that your home is being monitored by our U.L Listed monitoring station. With extensive training in crisis management, our dedicated team of security and safety experts is monitoring your home 24 hours a day. In the event of an emergency, our highly trained dispatching professionals will be there to ensure the appropriate medical, fire or police personnel are quickly sent to your home.

Additionally, with the Live Interactive Voice Response feature, you can speak LIVE to our monitoring team, so you’ll never be alone in your time of need.

Our customer service team is also available to you 24 hours a day and can be reached by calling us at 1-866-855-4374.

Coordinate. Automate. Control.

Alarm.com systems can integrate the devices across your home to better respond to your daily routines. Who knew that home energy management could be so easy and convenient?

These systems have the capability to help find the solution for your Energy Management needs. It allows you to connect all your devices into a responsive system that starts saving automatically. Control your thermostat, lights and sensors in a single app.



Skybell is a Wi-Fi doorbell with an integrated camera, motion sensor, digital microphone, and a speaker. The skybell enables home owners to answer the door and speak to their visitors. It also allows you to record the doorbell triggered clips.



Alarm.com door locks allow you to lock an unlock your door from anywhere with your mobile app. You can check the status anytime to ensure your home is safe and secure. Give visitors temporary access with unique lock codes, and get alerts when they lock or unlock the door. It allows you to set rules so certain user codes only work during specified times.




Using sensors across the home, it is now possible to set the temperature in any room. You are able to create presets (Home, Away, Sleep) to make it easier to set a comfortable, energy saving schedules.


Your SMART Thermostat can automatically respond to activity, occupancy and weather from data it collects inside and outside the home. If there is an extreme temperature change, your thermostat can automatically adjust to reduce energy cost.


You can allow your thermostat to integrate itself with other devices in your home. Triggered Automation allows the thermostat to respond automatically to other devices like security or door locks.


You can now adjust the thermostat settings anytime, anywhere, and instantly know if someone else has changed it. You can also limit certain users and certain temperature thresholds.



Ray & Angela, Murrells Inlet, SC

“We couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience with Security Force. My daughter and wife feel secure while I’m away and the smoke detectors give me peace of mind knowing that any alarm goes straight to the fire department without anyone having to make a call. But what I really want people to know is that I saved $21.50 a month on my home owners insurance. The system pays for itself! Don’t forget to get your discount on your homeowners policy.”

M.B., Fayetteville, NC – Customer Since April, 2010

“I am really impressed with my technician. It was installed on April 23, 2010 by Terry. Every question I asked, Terry answered with NO hesitation. He was very knowledgeable about your company and the systems you offer. He was very professional and overall had a great personable attitude. I even brought Terry to my neighbor’s home who currently has ADT in hopes to get him to switch to SFI so Terry can do the work.”

B. L., Lumberton, NC – Customer Since August, 2008

“In the last 18 months, I have used my medical alert pendant and I have had very good response. It’s very helpful because I need to be attending to my child and I do not have time to stop and dial 911. I need to be working on her. If I push the pendant, then I know the ambulance is on its way. The service has been great because I don’t have time to call my mother or my daughter to notify them that I’m having trouble at my home. They will notify my family members that they have sent an ambulance to my house. Or, if I unlock the door and I don’t get to the button fast enough it will send the police, which is great! That has been wonderful for me as well. Thank God nobody has ever broken in on me, but it re-assures me that if someone would have, that I should be safer. So I’m very happy with the choice that I’ve made choosing Security Force!”

J. K., Mooresville, NC – Customer Since April, 2010

“I would like to let you know that Michael was very great today! He was very patient and explained everything to me very well. I have had 2 other alarm companies out her to give me quotes and they are not at all like you (Security Force, Inc.).”

S. M., USMC – Customer Since April, 2010

“My wife and I were contacted by a sales rep, and then a fellow by the name of Michael, whom we invited into our home. He explained his product in detail to my wife. I work all over the US and on foreign soil, not home much. I have a Rottweiler, both my sons are armed and my wife has a .357, but deep down I knew it wasn’t enough. I talked in detail on the system that Michael installed and I am impressed. I truly appreciate what you good folks have done to keep my family safe and sound. Thank you very much.”

S. B., Rocky Point, NC – Customer Since March, 2010

“I would like to thank Terry for the wonderful job he did when he installed my system. He was quick and he knew what he was doing. He was also very polite and answered all of my questions.”

J. W., Warsaw, NC – Customer Since April, 2010

“Nick was wonderful and he did a great Job!”

M. G., Fuquay-Varina, NC – Customer Since May, 2010

“I just want to make a notation of how good David was yesterday at installing my system. He was very personable, and easy to get along with (while) helping a 62-year old and it was easy him teaching me the stuff.”