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It's a Great Time to Go Solar

If you own your house, its time to own your energy!

We’ll give you a free energy savings report and show you how much money you could save by owning your own home solar system. CALL TODAY! 919-521-5802

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Why Choose Us

Solar is a game changer and no longer a luxury. Solar is now affordable and attractive to all homeowners. For the first time, homeowners are able to free themselves from a lifetime of reliance on energy companies, power grids, and climbing rates. Security Force Solar is your solution for energy independence. From permitting to installation, we’ll take care of everything from beginning to end. SFI has been taking homes to the next level for more than 20 years through home protection, fire safety, smart home solutions, and now solar energy. CALL TODAY! 919-521-5802

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EV Charging

Plug in your EV at Home. Going green doesn’t make sense unless you can recharge your car at home. Make sure you utilize your solar system to its fullest potential.

Battery Power – Live Stormproof!

Get a battery backup with your solar panel install.
Keep the lights on in your home with our state of the art home battery power wall. Live free from power outages permanently.

Own Solar and Save

Stop renting electricity. Make your own clean power and get short-term and long-term financial benefits while helping protect the environment. Local, state, and federal incentives will make your system even more affordable.

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